2017-07-12 19:51:39

Recently the American Midwest steel market demand, the market sentiment is strong, still on the U.S. government will take measures on steel imports, is expected in the 232 survey results released before the market demand will not have too much change.

Although demand is weak, some market participants expect the US steel mills to announce price increases in the coming weeks, but it remains to be seen whether the price increases without support are sustainable.

At present, the Midwest steel factory price is US 5-540 / ton, 5 U.S. dollars / ton low price dropping.

In addition, last week the dynamic steel company announced it will invest million expansion which is located in Columbia Indiana City, thread steel, expansion to achieve product diversification, the excess steel production capacity of production plan bar, the annual output of 240 thousand tons. The move is welcomed by buyers because the Midwest's rebar production capacity is limited, and steel dynamics, if it can increase production capacity, will ease the problem of tight supply in the domestic market after limited import resources.